Smart home products : MyAir, MyPlace, MyLights and eZone

My Home Hub was established in 2016 providing the distribution of Advantage Air products, specifically MyAir, MyPlace, MyLights and eZone.

We pride ourselves on offering the best possible service to the smart home, air-conditioning, building and related industries. Our Dealers, Builders and Architects are very busy people we support there needs by providing a seamless, transparent and timely services.

Our Company Values :

Honesty and Integrity
Trust and Openness
Uncompromising Standards
Support and Respect
Accountability and Fairness

The Team at My Home Hub pride themselves on the company values and uphold them everyday.

We want every home and work place to experience the benefits and ease of use of smart home products, we know the best hub for this is MyAir, MyPlace and MyLights.

We want to encourage Builders, Architects, Electricians and Air-Conditioner related businesses to contact us and experience the demonstration of the products. It will bring them one step closer to doing there business and customer a significant favor!

Distributors of MyAir 5 Distributors of MyLights